Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Your data with us

Your personal information are used for marketting purpose and used only with your permission. By communicating with Froze Communications, Your data such as Name, Email Address, GPS coordinates, and Address are used for establishing network infrastructure and on boarding you to Froze Communications related services.

Government Compliance

We Froze Communications are fully compliant with Indian Governement law and regulation. Any update on existing or direction from Government are fully enforceable.

Froze Internet Services

We fully collect confidential information of users such as Aadhaar, Email Address, IP Address, and Mac Address as per Government regulations. Only Governement and Froze Communications is authorized to access the information on demand. By using the Internet services, You hereby grant us the right to use your Personal information for betterment of the Froze Communications.

Data logging

We collect IP traffic information and retain them for a period of Two Years. All NAT (Network Address Translation) activity are recorded as per your usages. Legal Authority have access to IP Traffic data as per Central Government Norms.

We collect the information to protect and prevent misuse of Froze internet services.

Government Regualtions

By using Froze internet, All government laws and Acts related to telecom, Copywrite, Cybercrime, Information Technology etc, are applicable from day to day and you hereby agree to accept future modification in Terms and condition of Froze Communications and Government laws.

Force Majure

You hereby wavie non-performance of business operation due to Rain, War, Bio War, Underground fiber cut, Government intervention, or any hinders.

Speed Test

The speed adverstised in Plans are not absolute and are only applicable to nearest Froze Network operation center. Any speed loss due to international conflict, fiber degradation, or User negligence on misconfiguration of networking devices are not under control of Froze Communications.

On intimation related to speed issue, Froze Communications and its employees provide support to resolve till its nearest NOC.

Grievance Mechanism

For any unfair treatment or for any issue that harmed you. You can file a compliant directly to us by Mail. Grievance@froze.in

We shall investigate the issue and resolve it when it is under our scope of operations.